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What Is Cold Liquid Flat Roofing?

Liquid Roofing is an ideal material to use for flat roofs because it compensates for the issues that many flat roofs face. One of the most common issues with a flat roof is water leakage. This can occur because the roofs provide a large surface area where rainwater can pool. The roofs themselves also experience a lot of thermal movement due to freezing and thawing throughout the year, which can result in cracking. Flat roofs also often have limited ventilation which can result in defects in the roof and detachment of materials. 

Whilst these issues are common, this does not mean that you should have to keep replacing your flat roof. This is why we suggest Cold liquid Flat Roofing as an excellent solution. Liquid roofing is the most durable and effective roofing type for flat roofs. It is applied to the surface in liquid form, then spread over the whole area to create a sealed finish. ‘Cold’ liquid roofing has been given this name because it is an alternative to ‘hot-work’ solutions; where activities such as welding, cutting, grinding, soldering, brazing or torching, are necessary in order to apply the roofing. 

Unlike sheets of overlaid or connected materials, liquid roofs are composed of one solid sheet. The liquid nature of the material allows for a seamless bond to be formed between it and any roof structure. It can be applied directly over the top of a large variety of surfaces; making it perfect to use for overlays to existing roofing systems, or for full roof replacements. The new liquid roof can also regenerate the waterproof nature of an existing roof and increase its lifespan. 

The fact that it is a single sheet also means that it is flexible and can withstand natural roof movements without breaking. Liquid roofing is also brilliant because it is versatile. If you have a complex shaped roof the liquid material can incorporate every detail, reaching parts that other materials couldn’t. It is slightly permeable, so vapour can get through it meaning ventilation is also possible, and the material is also solar reflective which can help to reduce heat stress on the roof.

If you are looking to replace or repair your flat roof, visit Eurotech Roofing to read more about Cold Liquid Flat Roofing and get a quote from us for your property.