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Should You Have A Roof Survey Done on Your Industrial or Commercial Premise?

A roof survey provides you with a list of issues that your roof is facing, through a Defects Report. Your roofing surveyor should also give recommendations for the best options to fix these defects. 

For a building which you own, having a Roof Survey carried out could prevent you suffering from potentially disastrous events such as a collapsed roof or leaks and resulting water damage. By raising your awareness of potential problems and providing you with a solution, a roof survey is an invaluable resource for finding out how to prevent further or potential damage from occurring. 

For a premise you are considering purchasing, a Roof Survey ensures that you are aware of issues that the roof has before your purchase. If there are problems you may choose not to buy the property; you may ask for them to be fixed before purchase, or you may ask for a reduction in purchase price to reflect the cost of repairs. Regardless of what you choose to do, having a Roof Survey provides you with the peace of mind that there will not be any nasty surprises regarding the roof of your potential purchase.

Prior to commencing any roof work on your commercial or industrial premise, it can be useful to have a survey done which includes a Schedule of Condition of Adjoining Properties. This is a factual record of the condition of a property, which can be used as a benchmark to identify if changes have occurred. This can be useful if the owner of a neighbouring building claims that construction has interfered with their premise and has caused defects as you will have evidence that it did not.

Eurotech Roofing offers fully independent and unbiased surveys for commercial and industrial roofs. An independent roof survey is completely unbiased, whereas if you compare this to a roofing contractor’s survey, it is possible they might make a recommendation for profit, rather than for your actual requirements. With over 25 years in roofing design, installation, maintenance and surveys across the UK, expert engineers at Eurotech will provide quality surveys on your existing roofs, or roofs you are considering purchasing, with only you, the customer, in mind. 

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