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Eco Roofs - Why is Their Popularity Growing?


An eco-roof, otherwise known as a green roof, is a roof that is covered in vegetation. Whether this is plants, mosses, herbs, grasses, or shrubs, these green and thriving microsystems support the environment by creating a sustainable area on what would otherwise be a barren, unused surface. 


Eco-roofs can be categorised into three main sub-categories, extensive, semi-extensive, and intensive. There is no precise, definitive meaning behind each of these categories besides from the growing medium itself; hence the main visible difference between each is the types of vegetation that tends to thrive there.


An extensive eco-roof has a shallow growing medium with a lower roof load, so has a plant diversity limited to species of small mosses, etc. Intensive eco-roofs on the other hand have a deeper growing medium, have more soil, so can support a diverse plant selection sometimes of even small trees or shrubs. Semi-intensive roofs fall between these two.



There are many advantages to eco-roof systems, with these advantages differing between the type of eco-roof that is implemented. Overall benefits include indoor temperature moderation, rainwater collection and filtration, habitat for wildlife, and a potential reduction in the manufactured materials needed for the construction and maintenance of the roof. 


Advantages of Extensive eco-roofs: inexpensive, natural appearance, low maintenance, lightweight, no irrigation or drainage required, spontaneous growth.


Advantages of Intensive eco-roofs include: high diversity of plants, good insulator, simulate further wildlife attraction, attractive, accessible, used for recreation, practicality (grow food).

The growing medium used in eco-roofs is composed of mineral aggregates and only a small amount of organic material; a structure that enables it to hold water, be light weight, resistant to decomposition, and physically stable.

There are different methods of eco-roof installation, either the whole thing can be installed in one integrated section, or it can be installed in small sections. These sections are often plastic planting beds which are fitted together to fill the entire roof.

Eco-roofs are beautiful habitats that embed nature and environmental importance into the modern world of today. They create a sustainable living environment and conserve ecology, helping to increase public and personal appreciation for wildlife. Eco-roofs are our future, and with such an extensive list of advantages that they provide it isn’t hard to see why their popularity is growing. 

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